Weekend Cooking

16 Recipes That Give You a Break from Reality

January 13, 2016

Now's the time of the year for denial: for pretending that you'll start on those your New Year's resolutions next week; that you just love the snow (or that it will eventually snow); that summer vacation isn't so far away; that if you don't look at your banking information it will resolve itself.

And perhaps the best way to continue living in an alternate reality is to spend a lot of time head-down in the kitchen, making pastas and puddings and salads and sorbets until it's no longer January.

Therefore, recipes for every lie you're telling yourself this month. May the rejection of reality continue.

I'm practically a teenager!

These ingredients are trendy!

It's June—not January!

I've got all the time and ingredients in the world!

It's impossible to get tired of squash!

Gumming my food is just as satisfying as chewing it!

Man (and woman) can survive on carrots alone!

Braising is the new roasting!

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