Resolutions for the New Year from Our Community

January  2, 2016

You know the saying: “New Year, New Foods to Cook” …or something like that. That’s our plan anyway, and we’ve already shared a few of the dishes we’re excited about messing up our kitchens for.

Over on the Hotline, many of you have shared kitchen resolutions, too. Here are some of our favorites—we just might steal them for ourselves:

  • Trena Heinrich got into an organizing state of mind and put all of her spices in labeled canning jars stacked on open shelving in her kitchen.

  • Similarly, sexyLAMBCHOPx vowed to clean out and organize her kitchen cabinets and drawers.

  • MTMitchell jumped on the organizing train, too. She bought a freezer for the basement and labeled each shelf, saying: “No more making big batches of stuff, cramming them into our kitchen freezer and forgetting about them.”

  • Marie Weber pledged to keep bringing her breakfast and lunch to work to minimize the amount of money spent eating out—and up the quality of her lunch at the same time: “I tend to enjoy them more because I don't have to waste my time driving to the deli or wherever to get food and then rush back before my lunch break is up.”

  • Mensaque vowed to get new pots. “In Brazil we have a saying: ‘Panela velha é que faz comida boa!’, or ‘Old pots make better food.’ And I kind of agree with it, but it's getting ridiculous—I cut my finger last Friday​ making pasta because my pot had no handle!”

  • Bigpan said, “My annual kitchen resolution is to remember to ‘claw’ [my fingers] when I use my chef's knife" to avoid knuckle and fingertip injuries.​

  • Bill F wanted to learn how to can foods, and other Food52ers encouraged sticking with small batches for the first year to learn techniques.

  • Sam1148 had a plethora of resolutions, including making more sauerkraut and saving up for a “high-end” luxury dinner to make at home at least once every two months like tuna, prime rib, or lobster.

What are your food- and cooking-related resolutions this year? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Panfusine
  • luvcookbooks
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Panfusine January 2, 2016
Hoping to go through and complete my resolution of posting 366 dishes on my dish a day daily blog.
luvcookbooks January 2, 2016
Last year I started to make menu lists and shopping lists on Sunday before I went to the store. I admit that my daughter the environmentalist forced me to do this. This year I want to do more weekend prep that lets me eat breakfast and lunch from my own kitchen instead of bringing frozen meals or eating out in a food desert (sorry, Fordham Plaza).
I also want to write like Pierino. Bagels, maybe.