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The Classic French Dish That's Perfect for Snowy Days

January 18, 2016

In the south of France is the historical Languedoc region, home to vineyards, rolling mountains dotted with cliffs (and sheep), and one of the most comforting dishes in the world.

A cassoulet, traditionally made with white beans and some sort of sausage, is covered and cooked slowly so that all of the flavors meld together. It's incredibly simple to make—after briefly sautéing the vegetables and cooking the beans, the oven does the rest of the work—but requires patience. The cook time can take up to four-and-a-half-hours.

But on a chilly day, it's the perfect thing, especially if you use the time its in the oven to start your bottle of Burgundy and a book.

What are you favorite dishes to make when the temperature drops? Have you ever made cassoulet before? Tell us in the comments below!

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    Leslie Stephens
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paulkog January 23, 2016
And on the bean question - cannelloni or great northern work well.
paulkog January 23, 2016
Hi Leslie... This is a delicious looking bean stew, but I would not call it cassoulet. It needs more kinds of meat - lamb, pork sausage, pork loin, goose...
Gerald D. January 20, 2016
This is not even close to traditional cassoulet. It's an American version of stew with goose fat and a duck leg. Pathetic.
ChefJune January 19, 2016
The traditional bean for Cassoulet is the Tarbais bean. I think it gives a creamier feel than the ones you've listed. Yes, it's harder to find, but you can source them from Rancho Gordo or D'Artagnan (who, btw, sells an all-inclusive Cassoulet kit!)
Leslie S. January 19, 2016
Yes that is another bean that works well for cassoulet, and is a haricot, as mentioned above! Definitely makes it creamier since their skins are so thin :) And an all-inclusive cassoulet kit would be brilliant!
ben January 18, 2016
What type of bean is a haricot? I've only seen the term in regard to fresh haricots vert. Thanks
Leslie S. January 18, 2016
A haricot bean is a general term for the dried seeds that come from different varieties of green beans, including cannellini beans and navy beans, among others!