15 Wintry Citrus Recipes to Sunbathe In

January 22, 2016

Each year, my aunt sends a crate of grapefruits north from Texas, where she lives, to Connecticut, where my parents live. It is the most thoughtful gift: When you've been cooped up inside for a week, held hostage by the cold (or a cold, of the sniffling variety) or whatever "wintry mix" has come your way, sticking your thumb under the peel of a grapefruit and getting a whiff of the oil feels like a small miracle, or whatever it must be like to be a hothouse orchid.

Lucky for us, the greyest time of year is also citrus season. Find warmth in citrus' fruit, zest, oil, and peel all winter long, and in everything from salads to pound cakes (and, maybe most of all, straight from the peel):

How do you get your mid-winter citrus fix? Tell us in the comments below!

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Stephanie January 22, 2016
Lemony Linguine ( or lemon curd. Or a lemon tart with black coffee. I have a thing for lemons.