Super Bowl

What to Eat, Whether You're Rooting for Denver or Carolina

January 25, 2016

Last night, the Denver Broncos beat the New England Patriots and solidified their spot playing against the Carolina Panthers (who beat the Arizona Cardinals) in Santa Clara in two weeks (did you get all that?). And while we have your game day snacks covered—have you seen this vegetarian muffulatta?—we're never one to turn down an excuse to cook up a storm.

For the next two weeks, we'll be showing our team allegiances via food. Here are three city-themed drink and food pairings, whether you're rooting for the Denver Broncos, Carolina Panthers, or even the Bay Area (because who doesn't love a good chowder?):

Denver Broncos

Denver's a mountain town and home to foods that sate after a day of hiking and skiing, like the smothered hamburger burger (hat-tip to The Original Chubby's for this beautiful invention). It's also home to hundreds of craft breweries, so it's safe to say Denver-ites know their beer. Celebrate the Broncos with a beer cocktail and a recipe from one of our favorite Denver-natives, long-time Food52 community member savorthis's beef jerky.

Carolina Panthers

Panthers are not—contrary to popular belief—from southwestern China. They're from Charlotte, North Carolina. (Stick with us on this terrible joke—it will lead to good food, we promise.) Eat as the Carolinians do with comfort food like ribs and a gimlet to wash it all down. (Aren't you glad you stuck around?)

The Bay Area

The 49ers may not have advanced too far this year, but it doesn't mean it's too late to show your support for the Bay Area! This year's game is going to be held in Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California, a suburb of San Francisco. To us, this means seafood chowder and, in honor of the anticipated rain (or at least the way the Golden Gate bridge looks every morning before the clouds lift), a Dark and Stormy.

How will you be rooting (and cooking) for your team? Tell us in the comments below!

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Phronsie G. January 25, 2016
It always makes me giggle when someone calls Denver a mountain town. We may sit at 5280 feet above sea level, but Denver is situated on the the plains at the base of a mountain range. Come visit and see for yourself!
Leslie S. January 26, 2016
I've always considered it a mountain town because of the great mountains (and skiing!) you're surrounded by! I've visited many times and love it!
Stephanie January 26, 2016
As a Denver girl (born and raised) I couldn't agree more. Breck, Vail, (heck, even Boulder) are certainly mountain towns but Denver is a major metropolis with a great mountain view. We do love our craft beer though, F52 gets that right!