Make These Scones, Let Your Everything Bagel Flag Fly

February  6, 2016

In celebration of soup season, we've partnered with Progresso to share recipes that'll keep you (and your bowlful) warm during the winter months.

I never hesitate ordering in bagel shops. There’s no dilly-dallying over which spread to choose, no hand-wringing in front of the menu. This is not because I am a decisive person when it comes to food; rather, the opposite. The beauty of my bagel of choice—the everything bagel—is that you don’t have to choose. It's a spice blend that has everything: poppy seeds, sesame seeds, pungent garlic, onion, and plenty of salt.

Blend these together and everything bagel spice is what you'll have. Photo by Posie Harwood

If these spices play well on the doughy canvas of a bagel, what other similar foods would they improve? There’s a trend of late to take inspiration from this clever spice blend and incorporate it into other dishes at home, like mashed potatoes, spiced nuts, and hummus. I am the biggest cheerleader of this movement.

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A scone, with its buttery flavor and light, flaky layers, is the perfect candidate to experiment with. Like a biscuit, scones do well with savory ingredients, even though we tend to think of them as sweet.

And scones are generally humble and unassuming, but adding a punchy blend of spices elevates them from simple comfort food to something extraordinary. If you, too, love everything spice blend, you can double the amount in this recipe and keep some on hand for sprinkling on roasted vegetables, adding to polenta, or dressing up a compound butter.

Photo by Posie Harwood

These scones are similar to biscuits (round, flaky, and buttery), but the addition of eggs and cream makes them sturdier and more tender. They’re perfect alongside a bowl of vegetable soup and excellent for sopping up stews. I’ve been known to split one open and sandwich it with scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast.

Make them yourself, and let your everything spice blend flag fly.

We've partnered with Progresso to share recipes that'll keep your soup company this season. Learn more about Progresso's soups here.

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