A Valentine's Menu for Broken Hearts (Artichoke Hearts, That Is)

February 10, 2016

Eight years ago, Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen wrote about a Valentines Day dinner she and her husband had at Prune. There were two sides of the menu: one for lovers, the other for broken hearts. The Lovers' Menu featured all sorts of rich and chocolately delights, but afterwards, Deb felt as though perhaps she had chosen poorly—the Cynics' Food, with dishes like "Whore's Pasta" and "Cold Pork Shoulder," was more fun (and half the price!).

Pasta puttanesca, A.K.A. "whore's pasta." Photo by James Ransom

I am not a cynic, but given the choice between punny, bold, and cheap(ish) fare, and some sort of delicate pastry thing, I'm firmly in the Broken Hearts camp. I am not anti-Valentines Day, exactly, but I am interested in reimagining it. Was Valentine's Day once yours, only to have been taken away? Do you want to revel in cleverness, good food, and a knockout cocktail, whether or not you are actually single? Do you just need some pulled pork after all of those Galentines Day mimosas? (Just me?)

This year, cook a menu to reclaim Valentine's Day—whether you're angry, sad, or head-over-heels—inspired by Smitten Kitchen and Prune:

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Last Word
Heavy on the gin and heavy on the wit, the perfect boozy opener.

Artichoke Hearts Topped with a Broken Egg
Pan-fried artichoke hearts with Michael Ruhlman's go-to egg (leave out the bread!).

Cold (Pork) Shoulder Ragu
Note: Probably don't actually serve this cold—not that it's bad (I know, I've eaten it straight from the fridge).

Dump-It Cake
So delicious, so aptly named. The perfect finish.

What's your heartbreak food of choice? Tell us in the comments.

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Annie Crabill

Written by: Annie Crabill

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