Amanda & Merrill

Make Macarons with Your Partner-in-Crime (Like Vintage A&M)

February 11, 2016

It takes two to tango—and, maybe, two to make macarons. Which makes them a ready candidate for a Valentine's baking project with your partner in crime (see: Amanda and Merrill, a dynamic duo if ever we've known one).

Let them demonstrate how to divide and conquer this recipe for Meyer Lemon Macarons: Decide which of you will grind the sugar and almonds together, make the lemon curd (Amanda happens to be "banned from curd"), or keep an eye on the recipe so that you know not to pour in all the almond flour at once.

Spread on the curd, sandwich them together, and marvel at such a pairing. Then eat!

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Are you as good at sharing the kitchen as Amanda and Merrill are? (Not I.) Share your techniques in the comments.

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