Meyer Lemon Macarons

April  2, 2010

With our videographers timWuNotWoo and JimHero out, we're back to our low-tech ways in this week's videos -- unorthodox camera angles and goofy captions abound. Watch A&M make Meyer Lemon Macarons by DolcettoConfections and find out why Amanda is "banned from curd".

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  • Rhonda35
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Rhonda35 April 9, 2010
I learned so much from both macaron videos - I did not know about the foot and the attic - or the old eggs. I, too, sometimes make scrambled eggs when making lemon curd. Instead of throwing it out and starting over, I just push the egg-lemon juice mixture through a fine-mesh sieve or food mill, gently reheat and then add the butter. Works for me!
AntoniaJames April 2, 2010
I actually like the DIY videos much more . . . . ;o)
Rhonda35 April 9, 2010
Me too - but I think we need to take up a collection in the Food52 community so you gals can get yourselves some wireless microphones. I offer up the first $10! Anyone else out there want to chip in so we can hear all the fabulous tips Merrill and Amanda are sharing?