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Announcing the Winners of This Year's “Oscars” (If We Were Running Things)

February 16, 2016

Our invitations to the Oscars got lost again—and no one even asked our opinion on the nominees. Well, fine. We'll host our own awards show. Fasten your bow tie. Slip on your gown. Construct your Champagne tower. (Order a pizza, at the very least.) And put your hands together for 2015's award-winning films recipes:

Best Picture

Like fireworks, no?

Best Drama

Big Night style—but with the benefit of a nonstick pot.

Best Visual Effects

The wiggle on this guy really won our judges over.

Best Screenplay

It made us all cry. Grab your hankies.

Best Mixing

A brilliant, unexpected pairing.

Best Editing

It took a lot of carving to get this chicken to its current, beautiful state.

Best Live Action Short

So briefly in flame, so completely stunning.

Best Costume Design

A deep-dish crust technique that transforms pies—sweet and savory.

Best Animated Feature

46 cookies, 46 stories, and a map of the world, all illustrated by artist Jordan Sondler.

Shop the Story

Best Leading Role

This take on a Panda Express classic was a surprise win—but orange you glad?

Best Supporting Role

The dressing on this rice salad is truly so good we could drink it. One of our judges has gotten very close to doing so.

Best Supporting Roll

An unprecedented tie! 2015 was a banner year for rolls.

We'd like to thank our parents, and our test kitchen chefs, and our editors, and our tech team, and our community members, and... Nominate your own winners in the comments.

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