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A Haiku or Two, on the Weirdest Things We've Eaten

February 20, 2016

Our thoughts on food and cooking
in seventeen beats.

Wacky, wonderful Buddha's hand. Photo by James Ransom

Sarah J.:
the menu named it
"mountain yam." but i now call
it: "snot potato."

I ate several ants;
my boyfriend ate a live shrimp.
Still my favorite meal.

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What was the the most curious thing you've ever eaten? Give us the gory details in the comments.


Windischgirl February 20, 2016
"It tastes like chicken,"<br />Our hostess said of chewy<br />Strips of jellyfish.
Windischgirl February 20, 2016
She did not mention<br />She was referring to the<br />Gristle on the bone.
Windischgirl February 20, 2016
I smiled, nodded,<br />Reached for double portions of<br />Bean curd with snap peas.
LE B. February 20, 2016
OH MAN, SARAH J, do you realize how traumatized I am after reading your moniker for my beloved Japanese yamaimo- mountain yam? do you not realize how much hypnosis I'm going to have to go through- to forget that awful name???(winkwink)<br /><br />But seriously, the most awful thing i ever tasted (note- did NOT eat) was natto, an acquired taste, even in its native Japan. I have to change topic; i'm feeling nauseous already.
Sarah J. February 20, 2016
That's so funny! I really liked natto when I had it in okinomiyaki! But I can't stand yamaimo. Guess we're trading tastes!
Annie S. February 20, 2016
I saw big insects<br />Climbing up his arm<br />Tiny shrimp!