10 Ways to Turn Cheese Nubs into Meals

February 23, 2016

Maybe you had a big ol' cheese plate that didn't quite get finished up. Or you've gradually been chipping away at whatever's in the cheese drawer: your standard Parm, cheddar, hunk o' brie. Maybe you've even whittled down your supply of backup cheese. Now—perhaps even (and tragically) cracker-less—you've got a wild assortment of cheese nubs on your hands. Lucky you! Here's what's in your cards:

Fondue, here we come. Photo by James Ransom
  • Make fondue! You can use a mix of cheeses for this—and if you're already in a fridge-cleaning-out mood, you know just where to find what you'll dunk (the crisper).
  • Or roll out puff pastry, sprinkle on cheese, repeat a few times, and twist into toasty, buttery cheese straws.
  • Grab all your Parmesan rinds (they're in there, we promise), drop them in a pot, and make Parmesan broth. Then use that broth to make beans, soups, pan sauces...
  • ...Or panade! It's a soup made of cheese broth that's topped with cheese.
  • Grate cheese over any savory gratin—whether it's stuffed with root vegetables or kale.
  • Slice a loaf of bread and make a slew of cheese toasts! Go the uber-gooey route, the herby route, or the crispy-crunchy Parm route.
  • If bread isn't cheese's best friend, eggs are: Fold grated cheese into frittatas, omelettes, bodega-style eggs, or baked eggs. Grate some more cheese over the top for good measure.
  • Make pimento cheese! All you'll need is some sharp cheese (cheddar is the classic choice), mayo, and pimentos.
  • Or lay whatever cheese you have onto a sheet of puff pastry and bake for a speedy, dreamy appetizer (or, hey, dinner!).
  • Melt cheese in milk and/or cream, toss with just-boiled pasta. You've got macaroni and cheese! Top with breadcrumbs and slide under the broiler until crispy for bonus points.

What are your cheese dreg strategies? What's your preferred cheese nub? Tell us in the comments.

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cynbook February 24, 2016
Fromate Fort is excellent no matter what mix of cheese is used. My favorite.
cynbook February 24, 2016
Fromage Fort is excellent no matter what mix of leftover cheeses are used. It would be sinful to waste cheese.
jakestavis February 24, 2016
parmesan rinds are also an excellent addition to any ragu
Third F. February 23, 2016
Oh, and Jacques Pepin Fromage Fort from his Essential Pepin cookbook.
Third F. February 23, 2016
I've used the Genius Recipes version of Five Cheese Penne (and have even purchased Joanne and George Germond's Cucina Recipe for the variations. Hearty winter fare!
tia February 23, 2016
I like any slicing cheese on its own dipped in salsa. Nom nom. Or crumbled finely and mixed into sourdough cracker dough (I swear it is not as fussy as it sounds!)
Sarah E. February 23, 2016
thank goodness; thought I was the only one with backup cheese
Lindsay G. February 23, 2016
Shred and use for grilled cheese. Or just hand it to my husband and say "here, eat this". (Works every time, lol)