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A Haiku or Two, on Secret Addictions

March  5, 2016

Our thoughts on food and cooking
in seventeen beats.

Photo by Mark Weinberg

first bite of boxed mac
and cheese—hot, straight from the pan
(and top 40 pop)

Granola, I love
you but I can't be near you.
Hope you understand.

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    Rebecca Loudon
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    Liz D
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fearlessem March 6, 2016
pasta with butter
and the salt shaker nearby
is my comfort food
Rebecca L. March 5, 2016
red raspberries drowned
in thick sweet delicious cream
my blue heart's demise
sydney March 5, 2016
chocolate ice cream!
mere thought sends shivers through me
cool lover's embrace
Liz D. March 5, 2016
pizza extra cheese
melty stretchy and salty
oh I am so full