17 Green Foods You'll Actually Want to Eat on St. Patrick's Day

March 15, 2017

Drinking green beer seems like it might be, if not a good idea, then at least, an okay idea on St. Patrick’s Day—at first. Against your better judgment, you convince yourself to partake thanks to an internal monologue studded with plenty of enthusiasm, but little logic: It’s green! It’s festive! Everyone’s having one! It’s a celebration! Green food was fun as a kid, and green beer is the awesome adult version!

But then you're a sip or two in, and you’re all too aware that green food coloring doesn’t hold the same magic for you as an adult, in cheap beer, as it once did for you as a child, in green scrambled eggs.

All is not lost. First, set down the green beer and order a beer that tastes good to you. Next, plan a menu packed with green foods that people actually want to eat—no food coloring required.

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Here are 17 dishes that prove green food can still be great:

Tell us: What green foods will you be eating on St. Patrick’s Day?

This post originally ran last year—we're running an updated version of it today because St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner!

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    David Moore
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    Zita Fox
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    Lindsay-Jean Hard
I like esoteric facts about vegetables and think ambling through a farmers market is a great way to start the day. My first cookbook, available now, is called Cooking with Scraps.


em-i-lis March 15, 2017
These all look great, Lindsay-Jean!! What fun. I am making Suzanne Goin's corned beef and cabbage because every.year. But that spanakopita grilled cheese looks off the charts good, and I have some fresh peas in the fridge. Also, that grasshopper shake. Mamma mia!
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Lindsay-Jean H. March 16, 2017
Hard to argue with tradition! Josephine wants green mac and cheese after I told her that my mom and I used to do that. I'm going to try and persuade her with the green rice instead, but it might be a losing battle....
aargersi March 15, 2017
We are making a sort of Mexican St Paddy's with cumin and chili spiced corned beef (I should add achiote maybe?) and jalapeño slaw tacos, and a margarita (birthday) cake. And pink wine and neutral colored beer :-)
Author Comment
Lindsay-Jean H. March 15, 2017
Margarita cake!!
David M. March 17, 2016
I'm Irish,& I think green anything doesn't look tasty,all except for green backs ($$$$$) which do look great,for real beer,NOT GREEN !
Zita F. March 11, 2016
I'd just like to add for anyone wondering, Irish people don't drink green beer or really eat anything green on St.Patricks day. It may be our national holiday but we don't celebrate it as much as other cultures think we do.
Kat March 17, 2016
My Irish grandmother would make me some of her colcannon and tell me about the real history behind St. Padraig Day...and mutter about the disrespectful way Americans celebrated the day. I miss her, so I make colcannon and mutter about the americanized holiday to my toddler and baby. ?