Editors' Picks — Dip

January 27, 2011

Smashed Pea Guacamole with Cilantro, Ginger and Lime  Pumpkin Spice Cashew Dip

Any food52 member is welcome to help us test our Editors' Pick candidates, so go call dibs on the recipe you'd like to test in the comments section below! We'd love to see some new testers in the mix. Don't forget to email us your notes (about 100 words) to [email protected] by next Tuesday at 5pm.

We'll collect your comments, decide the official list of Editors' Picks and publish your evaluation in the headnote if the recipe is selected as an Editors' Pick (with credit, of course!). And even if the recipe you test isn't chosen as an Editors' Pick, please feel free to leave your testing notes in the recipe's comments section. Constructive criticism is always encouraged!

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  • Angela @ the well-worn apron
    Angela @ the well-worn apron
  • lastnightsdinner
  • robinbeth
  • epickles
  • gingerroot
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Angela @. January 27, 2011
Looks like HOT CHILI CHOCOLATE DIP is still left. May I?
Food52 January 27, 2011
lastnightsdinner January 27, 2011
What a great group of recipes! I'd love to try the 'Everything is Bigger in Texas' Pimiento Cheese Dip, please.
Jennifer A. January 27, 2011
Oh! You just beat me too it! :) I am pretty sure this will still end up in my kitchen over the weekend (looks perfect for the super bowl party ).
Table9 January 28, 2011
Thanks for choosing my dish to try! I am still using it in grilled cheese sandwiches and as a dip with just about anything, because I made so much. There are so many uses for it. Hope you enjoy it!
robinbeth January 27, 2011
I'll test the Edamame Hummus. Sounds great!
testkitchenette January 27, 2011
Can't wait to hear how you like it!
epickles January 27, 2011
Love Tomatillos! - I will give the Black Bean and Tomatillos Hummus a whirl!
testkitchenette January 27, 2011
Can't wait to hear how you like it!
gingerroot January 27, 2011
Lemony Lime Tarragon, please! Thanks.
gingerroot January 27, 2011
sorry, I meant Lemony Lima
AppleAnnie January 27, 2011
I'll test the Bacon, Chive & Caramelized Onion chip dip--sounds like a husband-friendly creation!
Aliwaks January 27, 2011
Taratur please....yum :)
Food52 January 27, 2011
Shoot Aliwaks -- this was a popular one! Care to test another?
Waverly January 27, 2011
The Taratur for me, please.
Food52 January 27, 2011
Sorry Waverly, that one's already been taken -- but there are still a few recipes left that haven't been claimed.
cookinginvictoria January 27, 2011
I'd like to try Taratur - Tar-ah-tour (???????), if it's still available.
Food52 January 27, 2011
Great dips still available for testing:
Hot Chili Chocolate Dip, Everything is Bigger in Texas' Pimiento Cheese Dip, Over the Top Hummus, Chipotle, Black Bean & Tomatillos Hummus, Taratur - Tar-ah-tour (???????), Edamame Hummus, Lemony Lima Tarragon Dip, Bacon, Chive & Caramelized Onion Chip Dip
SwoonMySpoon January 27, 2011
I'll test "Caramelized onion-mushroom." Can't wait to try it!
Bevi January 27, 2011
Simple Muhammara please!
jona_atlanta January 27, 2011
New tester! Curried Peanut Dip, please!
aargersi January 27, 2011
Mama Ghanoush for me!! KB if I make this tomorrow I am thinking I can put it out for a baby shower Saturday? Then you will have 35 tasters!!! (double batch)
Kitchen B. January 27, 2011
oh aargersi, that would be wonderful - I hope you like it and the other 34 if you end up taking it to the shower. :-)
aargersi January 27, 2011
It's here at my house so I will definitly bring it. :-). Want to come over?
Robin.Bellinger January 27, 2011
Oh, super bowl six layer dip for me, please!
cookinginvictoria January 27, 2011
I'd love to test the Roasted Red Pepper Dip with Cumin, Lime and Coconut Milk.
Food52 January 27, 2011
Sorry that one is already taken but there are still other great recipes so do try another.
Sadassa_Ulna January 27, 2011
Roasted Red pepper Dip with cumin, lime, and coconut milk. . . please, thanks!
TheWimpyVegetarian January 27, 2011
Thanks for testing this Sadassa_Ulna! I hope you like it!
adamnsvetcooking January 27, 2011
I'll take the Garam Masala Yogurt dip please!
VanessaS January 27, 2011
I'd like to test the pumpkin spice cashew cheese, please!
fiveandspice January 27, 2011
I'd love to try the spinach feta and artichoke dip, please!