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8 Chicken Recipes That Come with Their Own Sides

May 19, 2016

Dinner planning—we're not talking the "I guess I'll just eat this plain pasta" variety—takes planning. For especially ambitious weeknight cookers, it requires thinking up a main dish, a vegetable side, and something to soak it all up. But the decision-making process can quickly take a turn for the match-making worst: Will these sausages go with the broccoli? Do potatoes even go with fish?

When you just can't decide, turn to these 9 roast chicken recipes. They're each baked with their own sides—from potatoes and broccoli, to Creole rice, and canned tomatoes—so you don't have to choose (or dirty any extra pots):

What are some of your favorite sides-included chicken recipes? Tell us in the comments below!

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    Deb Kozikowski
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Deb K. July 3, 2016
Tangerine chicken with fennel. Oh yum and gorgeous too.
dbqp March 24, 2016
My favorite one pot recipe is to make curry in the oven, usually with chicken thighs roasting on top. It can be almost as good as a traditional curry but with much less work - and less curry smell in the kitchen. It's also easy to make big portions and freeze what you don't need. The chicken drippings give a nice amount of flavor, especially when it's marinated. Broiling gives nice tandoori-like flavors, but obviously requires a bit more attention.

I do find that a tarka (eg. cumin or mustard seeds fried in a generous amount of butter with some aromatics) mixed into the curry before serving lifts it.
inpatskitchen March 24, 2016
One of our favorites: