A Haiku or Two, on Dreams

April  9, 2016

Our thoughts on food and cooking
in seventeen beats.

It was all just a dream! Photo by James Ransom

Caroline Lange:
a nightmare: my least
favorite people eat a pie
i'd not meant for them.

Leslie Stephens:
Last night I dreamt that
I was eating ice cream—so
I had some for brunch.

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Dream a little dream in the comments below—seventeen syllables, please.


caninechef April 11, 2016
Husband dream, pot-roast<br />beef perfection en Cocotte<br />slow braise, the flavor
marymary April 10, 2016
Best date ever dream:<br />Me, a spoon, and Marscarpone.<br />I think I'm in love.<br />
Meegan April 9, 2016
Nightmare dinner guests:<br />Blithely inhaled coq au vin.<br />Should have served hot dogs.