A Cookie that Justifies the Bacon-in-Dessert Trend

April 18, 2016

Sure I love bacon. But I was getting tired of the endless bacon posts a couple of years ago. Bacon in chocolate, caramelized bacon, bacon candy, bacon sundaes. Bacon, bacon, bacon… I was over it. [Editors' note: Food52 is guilty as charged.]

But then I caught myself imagining what I would do with bacon in a dessert. I mean, if I were going to pander by participating in a trend that was surely (finally?) on the wane.

It was March at the time and I was having my own personal little March Meringue Madness, experimenting with a million ways to flavor meringue. So why not bacon?

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Here is my contribution to the bacon bonanza, which seems NOT to be going away any time soon after all.

Bacon meringues are delicious. And why wouldn’t they be? There’s bacon in them!

And if bacon meringues aren't your style...