Our Latest App Contest: The Best (Not)Recipe Your Mother Taught You to Make

April 20, 2016

We're jumping right into our latest (Not)Contest—our monthly (Not)Recipes iOS app contest—with a mom-approved theme: We want you to show us the best thing your mother (or grandmother, or aunt you love dearly) taught you to cook!

Is it the coffee fingers she'd make for you to snack on? The rice pudding that still makes you feel homesick? A special-occasion "fee-lay" of beef? Share the best of her stash of recipe cards with us. (And then send her a card—Mother's Day cometh!)

Here's how to do it:

  1. Sometime before May 4th, cook something championed by a woman in your life who you love. (Mom? Grandma? Great-grandma? An otherwise-mother? Yes.)
  2. Take a photo of it! Post it to the (Not)Recipes app and tell us how you made it.
  3. Hashtag it #momtest—and click through the hashtag on the app to see what other cooks are submitting.
  4. Share it on social media! The post with the most likes will win an 8-inch Miyabi chef's knife (a favorite in our test kitchen!).

Need a little inspiration? Check out 10 (not)recipes we loved from our last (Not)Contest, Your Best 20-Minute Freestyle Dinner!

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What's the best thing your mother taught you to make? Tell us about it in the comments—and then over on the app!

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Betsey April 22, 2016
My mom says I can't give out her cheesecake recipe till she's dead. So sorry, peeps. You are out of luck unless you know me IRL and ask me to make it.
Bonnie April 20, 2016
I just made this recipe this morning and it was delish! Reminds me of a cake my mother used to make us that was an old German recipe that had apples added to it. I also added walnuts to the recipe, I just find it hard to cook with out those walnuts!
tripleoak April 20, 2016
I love our family's chocolate birthday cake - it's a weird one, a loaf cake. For birthdays Grandma Lil and mom would both use a chocolate fudge frosting, just on top, but it's super without the frosting too.
Caroline L. April 20, 2016
that sounds amazing. i love a simple chocolate loaf cake! (especially with frosting.)
tripleoak April 20, 2016
I'll be putting it up on the app as soon as I can bake it! :)