Our Hotline MVP of the Month

April 24, 2016

Every month we choose a Food52er to thank for his or her generous help and guidance on the Hotline, and we're excited to announce that April's Hotline MVP is dinner at ten.

Photo by Rocky Luten

Dinner at ten helps fellow Food52ers troubleshoot all kinds of kitchen quandaries, whether they’re baking with dried hibiscus flowers or figuring out a sourdough-making schedule. And she’s always at the ready with recipe suggestions, for everything from vegetable side dishes to using preserved lemons.

One of our favorite tips from her this month come from a thread about make-ahead freezable meals to make weeknights easier:

My favorite things to freeze for quick meals are sauces—not quite as fast/no fuss as a fully cooked-in-advance meal, but more versatile and less taxing on freezer space. Some favorites: shakshuka sauce (you just need to thaw and cook the eggs in it, plus some bread and a salad are nice), various sorts of pesto (you can blanch some vegetables in with the pasta for the last few minutes of cooking, then stir the pesto into the drained vegetable/pasta mix), and various Mexican sauces like pipian ​verde for basic enchiladas (corn tortillas dip​ped and folded around some sauce, good topped with avocado, cilantro, minced onion, a fried egg, etc).

Congratulations to dinner at ten and thanks to everyone who participates over on the Hotline—the community wouldn’t be the same without you.

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AntoniaJames April 25, 2016
Well deserved. Congratulations! ;o)