A Visual Guide to Identifying Your Chocolate Yen (25 Recipes Strong)

May 13, 2016

Nothing fills the void exactly like chocolate. I mean that when you have a hankering for chocolate, nothing can quiet the hankering except chocolate. It's melty and comforting, with the ability to give (in the worst of times—and we've all had these) eat-it-with-your-eyes-closed relief, the thing you need at the moment you need it most.

Put your finger on the hankering—cake? cookies? ice cream? straight-up?—and dive in. We've got chocolate... cake! (and pie!): cookies and cookie-ish treats: straight-up chocolate candy form: ice cream: everything and anything else:

Milk chocolate? Dark chocolate? White chocolate? Claim your allegiances (and defend your claim!) in the comments.

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Robert May 15, 2016
Chocolate Sorbet and Focaccia Ice Cream Sandwiches? Wow! A nice collection, thank you.