Ice Cream/Frozen Desserts

A Haiku or Two, on Ice Cream Trucks

April 30, 2016

Our thoughts on food and cooking
in seventeen beats.

Sarah Daniels:
Ice cream truck music
The siren song of summer
Lend me a dollar

Kenzi Wilbur:
we were convinced that
the local ice cream truck was
a drug front. was it?

Okay, give us your order (and your least favorite ice cream truck song) in the comments. In verse!


marymary May 2, 2016
craved something frozen<br />heard the truck outside and ran<br />no margaritas?
Amy May 1, 2016
jingling melody<br />orangesicle and fudge pops drip...<br />long days are the best
aargersi April 30, 2016
Seven Up Popsicle<br />Every single time, no fail<br />What was I thinking?<br /><br />** summer I was 5 **
pierino April 30, 2016
"Ice Cream man<br />Upon my street,<br />I heard your truck outside it's really neat"--- Jonathan Richman