Ice Cream/Frozen Desserts

A Haiku or Two, on Ice Cream Trucks

April 30, 2016

Our thoughts on food and cooking
in seventeen beats.

Sarah Daniels:
Ice cream truck music
The siren song of summer
Lend me a dollar

Kenzi Wilbur:
we were convinced that
the local ice cream truck was
a drug front. was it?

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Okay, give us your order (and your least favorite ice cream truck song) in the comments. In verse!


marymary May 2, 2016
craved something frozen
heard the truck outside and ran
no margaritas?
Amy May 1, 2016
jingling melody
orangesicle and fudge pops drip...
long days are the best
aargersi April 30, 2016
Seven Up Popsicle
Every single time, no fail
What was I thinking?

** summer I was 5 **
pierino April 30, 2016
"Ice Cream man
Upon my street,
I heard your truck outside it's really neat"--- Jonathan Richman