Like Roasted Asparagus? You'll Love Fried Asparagus

May 19, 2016

Early on in asparagus season, we’re positively elated with every bundle of spears we pick up: We’re all too happy to head home, roast them, top them with an egg, and call it dinner. A few weeks in, and we’re still perfectly willing to eat asparagus this way, but we’re a little less excited about the idea of roasting it every. single.​ time.

Before asparagus fatigue fully sets in, change up your roasting routine in favor of Nobu’s Fried Asparagus with Miso Dressing. I know: You’re thinking battered and breaded deep-fried asparagus is a far cry from roasted asparagus, and you’d be right, but this isn’t that. The spears are dunked in hot oil just as they are, and as Creative Director Kristen Miglore puts it:

When you dip asparagus in hot oil, you won't recognize it. After an oily plunge, its skin ripples and shines like the skin of a striped bass. The tips frizzle and the stalks turn vivid green and tender in just a minute or two under the oil.

Intrigued? Give it a shot. Swap roasted asparagus for fried:

Is there an ingredient or a dish you find yourself making the same way every time? Tell us in the comments and we might feature it next time with an idea for changing it up!

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  • Posie (Harwood) Brien
    Posie (Harwood) Brien
  • Lindsay-Jean Hard
    Lindsay-Jean Hard
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Posie (. May 19, 2016
Frying my veg?! Twist my arm OKAY. Also, please write about grilled whole heads of romaine here! It's one of my favorite unexpected ways to use a vegetable! Perfect for summer. Hot/cold, wilted/crisp. Amazing.
Lindsay-Jean H. May 19, 2016
Ooh yes, good call, thanks Posie!