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Our Latest App Contest: Your Best (Not)Recipe from the Grill

June  1, 2016

Today—June 14—is the last day to submit your (Not)Recipes, and to enter to win our contest prize!

It's fiiiiiinally starting to feel like summer around here—and summer means setting up by the grill (or, you know, grabbing the grill pan and yanking open the windows as far as they'll go).

For our latest recipe contest on our iOS app (Not)Recipes (hot off the presses with some spiffy new features!), we want to see what you and the grill are getting up to: Show us your best grill marks yet (and tell us how you achieved them!), share tips of all kinds, school us in the art of grilling with planks, and show off your most impressive kebabs. Most of all, show us the breadth of what you're grilling up—fruit? cheese? fish? pizza? leggy spring alliums? We can't wait to see.

Photo by Bobbi Lin

Here's how to do it:

  1. Sometime before June 15th, stock up on barbecuing essentials and grill something! Feel free to use this as an excuse to have a big picnic.
  2. Take a photo of it! Post it to the (Not)Recipes app and tell us how you made it.
  3. Hashtag it #f52grill—and click through the hashtag on the app to see what other cooks are submitting.
  4. Share it on social media! The post with the most likes will win a 5-pack of our favorite grilling planks.

Need a little inspiration? Check out 10 (not)recipes we loved from our last (Not)Contest, The Best (Not)Recipe Your Mother Taught You to Make!

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