Like Strawberry Shortcake? You'll Love Strawberry Cake

June 16, 2016

As soon as strawberry season starts, our first thought is often of strawberry shortcake. And no one is going to argue with the logic of tucking sweet berries into a tender shortcake and dolloping it all with whipped cream—even James Beard believed "there can be no dessert better, only fancier."

Sometimes though, you're not looking for fancier, just something a little different. And drbabs' Strawberry Cake for Mother's Day (and Other Days) is just the thing. It's still a homey dessert like strawberry shortcake is, but the berries are nestled right into a sheet cake. Meaning, once the cake is done, there's no assembly required, just cut a slice and eat it​—fork optional. And although drbabs first made it for Mother's Day, we're sure Dad would appreciate a piece this weekend, too.

Take a break from shortcake! Nestle those berries into a cake instead:

Is there an ingredient or a dish you find yourself making the same way every time? Tell us in the comments and we might feature it next time with an idea for changing it up!

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drbabs June 16, 2016
Sweet! Thanks!!