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11 Ways to Finish Up a Jar of Peanut Butter

July  4, 2016

If a jar of peanut butter gets more love (or abuse) in a season other than summer, we haven't seen it. Camp sandwiches on camp sandwiches on camp sandwiches, PB&J till the cows come home. (Not that we're knocking PB&J.)

When the jar gets down to the two-fingers'-worth line—not enough for a sandwich—what to do, besides the perfectly reasonable solution of eating it straight from a spoon?

Here's how we do it:

  • Make a dressing out of it. Miso + peanut butter + chili sauce + apple cider vinegar for pasta salad, peanut butter + soy sauce + Sriracha + fish sauce for udon noodles or dipping. Soy sauce + garlic + sherry vinegar and you've got a marinade for tofu (or anything else).
  • You are never too old for ants on a log! It also happens to make a weirdly perfect midnight snack.
  • Make genius one-ingredient banana ice cream—but drop however much peanut butter you've got into the food processor, too.
  • Or simply scoop it onto an ice cream sundae.
  • Slightly more than two fingers'-worth? Make puppy chow, camp snack of dreams.
  • Rosa Parks knew that peanut butter makes for good pancakes. Make her recipe!
  • Bulk up a smoothie or a bowl of oatmeal.
  • Or use the mostly-empty jar as a vessel for hot chocolate—and shake!
  • Or whip it into oblivion with egg whites for pavlova. (We'd serve with it runny jam, but that's just us.)
  • Whisk it into caramel, and then drizzle it, Pollack-style, over chocolate bark.
  • Try it on a sandwich with with kimchi or a fried egg—you don't have much to lose!

How do you get to the bottom of the jar? Tell us in the comments.

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Jan S. September 4, 2016
when i simply cant get any more out of the jar with my spec of pb spatula i throw the whole jar out into the yard near my bird feeder (plastic jar of course) and watch the squirrels crawl inside to finnish it up then i pick up the jar and throw it away without a speck of pb wasted. <3