Summer Camp Week!

9 Cheery Cocktails Better Than Bug Juice (And, Okay, Less Sugary)

July 28, 2016

Whether you watched Bug Juice instead of going to camp, or drank milk instead of Capri Sun, you know about bug juice: electric in color, electrifying with sugar, delicious.

While the namesake drink may have been recently recalled—and the exact parameters for a “bug juice” are a little vague (is it just Kool Aid, also Capri Sun, something else, or all of the above?), we’d like to celebrate the drinks that brought all the bugs to the yard with some cocktail interpretations.

So make big, cheerful pitchers of these colorful cocktails—they’re the ultimate cool aid (and, we think, what they might serve at adult camp).

What's your "bug juice"? Tell us—and tell us how you'd spike it—in the comments.

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