Summer Camp Week!

The Best of Our Summer Camp Coverage

July 30, 2016

This past week, we went to summer camp—and now we're at the end. The time for the candle ceremony is here, if you will. So let's reminiscence about all the good memories from this week: the snacks, the friends, the crafts, and more.

Snacks—Especially Bedtime Snacks

Every single night, there was a great snack. But you know there was food all day long.

Arts & Crafts

Shop the Story

Every single day, just like at camp.

Teachable Moments

Class time! (We promise it's fun.)


Everyone has their own story of the good and the bad at camp—here are just a few.

We had so much fun putting together Summer Camp Week! What themed weeks would you love to see on Food52?

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