Our 12 Best Fried Chicken Recipes (& the One That's Right for You)

August 10, 2016

Fried chicken is not something to mess around with. There's the hot oil, of course, but then there are the preferences (as our brave Design & Home editor Amanda Sims put it when she fried chicken for the first time last summer, "People have opinions about how to cook fried chicken!"): seasoned or straight-up, spicy or comforting, deep- or shallow-fried, served hot or cold.

If you're nervous about the prospect of frying up a batch, we don't blame you, but after you've done it once, well, you can do anything.

Whether you're a seasoned chicken-fryer or a first-timer, whether you like Korean-style or classic Southern, there's a recipe (and a technique!) out there for you:

If your style is white-tee, blue-jeans, no-nonsense:

This recipe gets a double-dredge for extra coating...

...while this recipe focuses more on the chicken than the dredge:

If you're looking for something a little more over-the-top:

These wings are double-fried for crispiness, and made punchy with vinegar-ginger-soy glaze brushed on post-fry.

If you're frying-phobic:

Save the vat of oil for another day and let the oven do the work:

If it's your first time frying (psst—here's a video to guide you!):

If you can't decide between Indian food and fried chicken:

If you've got a mind to serve it for brunch:

If extra-crunchy is the name of the game:

This recipe uses baking soda in the dredge to ensure crispy-crunchiness.

If you want a super-seasoned, herby, garlicky chicken:

If you want to fry now, serve (still crunchy and perfect and hot) later:

What's your fried chicken style? Tell us in the comments below!



LULULAND August 14, 2016
Looks so good its scary!!!
Sam1148 August 12, 2016
Every one should try a buttermilk, herb and salt marinade. At least overnight, but I go 2 days. It's fantastic.