What's Not to Love About Sandwiches? Here Are 17 to Make Now

September 15, 2016

No matter how old you are, or how long its been since you were going back to school, or how recently you faced the belly-nerves of having to find a seat in a strange cafeteria, you will remember this: the comfort of school lunch, packed by your hands or those of someone who loves you, waiting for you in the middle of a day punctuated by strangeness (pop quizzes, stepping in gum, peers unwittingly cruel by way of hormones).

If you're in need of a comforting lunch, you'll find it in sandwiches. (Don't we all return, in times of upset, to the PB&J?) Here are 17 sandwiches to run with, whether or not you're headed to school:

What as the sandwich you loved as a kid? Tell us in the comments.

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    Caroline Lange
Writing and cooking in Brooklyn.


em-i-lis September 16, 2016
A good sandwich is really hard to beat; it's just so dang satisfying!! Love this!
BerryBaby September 15, 2016
Seeded RYE..:.the auto correct likes to mess with me LOL!
BerryBaby September 15, 2016
Usually I make a salad for lunch but today was thinking about childhood lunches and wanted a sack lunch (even though I'm at home and no need for a sack lunch) just wanted the memories rekindled. Seeded eye with mustard on both side, red leaf lettuce, Swiss cheese and hard salami then cut diagonally and wrapped it in plastic wrap. Package up Kettle chips and an Italian plum just like my mom use to pack for me. I was back in sixth grade taking everything out of the sack and arranging it just so. The only thing missing was the 2 cent carton of milk.
Caroline L. September 16, 2016
Yes! The careful arranging was half of it—love this.
Terri September 15, 2016
I shudder to think of my favorite sandwiches as a kid! One was just honey on white bread. Another was baloney and mayo, again white bread (I didn't know there was any other kind). And either peanut butter and lettuce or peanut butter and pickles (still like that one!).