Pile Labne on Your Toast, Forget That Avocados Exist

September 21, 2016

More technique than recipe, and more happy combination than either, yes. Avocado, no. (Though, if you're looking, we've got that, too A play of textures, yes—and temperatures, if you assemble quickly: cold, thick labne smeared onto oaty, seedy toast, tiled with cucumber, strewn with frizzy microgreens and fresh herbs and pine nuts.

All together, this Fresh Herbs Labne Toast from Virginie Degryse is clean-green tasting but not overly virtuous, especially if you really go at it with the labne, and drizzle olive oil over the top, like we're tempted to do. And speaking of temptation—this is what we're tempted to eat for breakfast and lunch, and munch on while we're making dinner (or chop up into squares and serve as the preamble to a dinner party) as long as fresh herbs are still in season.

What winning combinations have you piled onto toasts? Tell us about them (especially the offbeat ones!) in the comments.

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Ellen T. September 26, 2016
Winning combinations on toast: yesterday I toasted spelt and chia bread, put some homemade caponata on top and heated it further under the broiler, then topped all with a slice of Swiss cheese and melted that. Good times.