The Fall Cookbook Cake Parade

A Carrot Cake with Personality (and Crunch! and Style!)

October 17, 2016

Tra-la-la, it's The Fall Cookbook Cake Parade: a new cake from a new cookbook every single day. Are your costumes cake pans ready?

Today: "Loaf" might sound humble—but you've never seen Everything I Want to Eat author Jessica Koslow's version.

The modest loaf! Loaf. It doesn't sound dainty—or particularly interesting. It does sound like something you might want to lean heavily against, like sofa.

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But loaf hardly applies to this little cake. It's the opposite of clunky, the other end of the spectrum from dense or dry or heavy. Instead, it's all moist and tender, tender as though the crumbs were threaded together by carrots, and just barely gingery. The top is pavé with a good two tablespoons of black sesame seeds: "The more sesame seeds you can put on top of this loaf, the better," writes Jessica Koslow, author of Everything I Want to Cook and mastermind behind the Los Angeles restaurant Sqirl:

"It can get crumbly, but it’s good for you because you get to eat all the crumbs. Also, I’d be playing tricks on you if I didn’t tell you that this treat is the perfect color combination for Halloween."

Just don't wait until Halloween to make it, okay? (It would make a great breakfast cake, if you need a place to start.)

Reprinted with permission from Everything I Want to Eat.

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Magda November 15, 2016
Tried out this recipe and it tasted great but the consistency was too wet. I suggest using a bit less oil as the outside of the loaf was fully done but the inside came out a bit mushy. I also would suggest using way less sugar-- I usually cut the sugar in half in all of the recipes I bake, however, even with the sugar cut in half it was incredibly sweet. Cool idea for a recipe but definitely needs minor adjustments.
Emily T. October 20, 2016
This looks interesting and good! I was wondering though, do you think it's possible to substitute almond or coconut flour for the AP flour? And how about ground black sesame powder instead of the seeds?
Caroline L. October 23, 2016
hi emily! i'd recommend using a flour blend instead of just almond or coconut flour, since i fear just one would result in a slightly dense cake. if you're looking for a GF flour blend, this is a great one!

as for the sesame, stick to the seeds—the crunch they give is really one of the best parts about this cake. let me know if you make it!
Alexandra S. October 17, 2016
So pretty and interesting! Can't wait to try this one.