What Happens When Po'Boys Go Vegan (& Completely Untraditional)

If, to you, a po'boy can only be cornmeal-battered, fried seafood or roast beef, then divert your eyes: This vegan po'boy is neither of those. It is not traditional. There isn't a speck of shrimp in site. Nor is there any mayonnaise, melted butter, or sliced pickles (although you could include the latter, if you like).

This fried cauliflower po'boy will make you believe this is all for the better. Not quite convinced yet? Make it. The creamy, cashew remoulade (kind of a like a fancy, French-sounding tartar sauce), with a briny bite thanks to kalamata olives and pickled peppers, will become a sandwich standby. The crispy, fried cauliflower dipped in cashew cream and coated in Creole-seasoned cornmeal will give you reason enough to invest in a deep-fryer. And the fixings—the tomato slices and lettuce leaves—add a pop of brightness without detracting away from the stars of the show. You could call us vegan po'boy believers.

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