The Fall Cookbook Cake Parade

Pink Champagne Cake & 4 Others from Week 1 of The Fall Cookbook Cake Parade

October  8, 2016

Tra la la, the Fall Cookbook Cake Parade is off to a sweet start. Catch up on what cakes have paraded so far, and tune in next week for more! If you're worried about missing a cake, don't you worry: Sign up for the parade's weekly email digest.

Monday: Pink Champagne Cake

The blushing belle of the ball, from American Cake by Anne Bryn.

Tuesday: Lemon Lavender Cake

A lemon first, lavender second cake from Simple, Diana Henry's latest book.

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More: See inside Diana's collection of more than 4,000 cookbooks.

Wednesday: Cornbread Coffee Cake with Fresh Figs & Walnut Streusel

In her book Deep Run Roots, Vivian Howard takes cornbread and coffee cake where they haven't gone before: all together now, with figs on top!

Thursday: Gooey Butter Cake

Mark Bittman dishes out the St. Louis classic—an oozing toffee-ish cake over a sturdy, bready crumb—in his latest book, How to Bake Everything.

Friday: Sweet Potato Hummingbird Cake

Leave it to Ashley Christensen, the chef-owner of Poole's and author of a cookbook by the same name, to rev up a Southern classic cake—with sweet potatoes, roasted bananas, and "green" peanuts.

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Ann October 10, 2016
Anyone out there made these recipes? If so, what was outcome?
frecklywench October 9, 2016
YUM. I am all about this cake series. I hope you'll do more of these cookbook parades in the future too!