These 14 Cakes Have WHAT in Them?!

If you're looking for a vanilla layer cake piled high and slathered with buttercream, don't read on.

Kidding! Seriously, please do read on. Just know, though, that none of these cakes are what you would consider "classic." While they may have buttercream, that buttercream's spiked with sesame seeds—or maybe it's not buttercream at all, but rather silken tofu in disguise.

These 14 cakes are slightly wacky, but in the most wonderful way. In fact, we think, with an open mind, they might just become new friends.

This cake has 4 (!) cups parsley and 1 cup mint packed in.

A pie-cake with a vegetal identity crisis.

Don't worry! You don't actually taste the tomato soup.

A cheesy cake? With candied tomatoes? Crazy!

There are 2 cans of beans in this cake. Two! And silken tofu in the frosting.

In addition to 2 pounds of sweet potatoes, this cake also calls for green peanuts.

Tahini is added to the batter and is used to brush the Bundt pan.

This time, tahini goes into individual, sweet-salty molten cakes.

There's a carrot cake below that thick blanket of black sesame seeds.

Sesame and carrots meet again, but this time, the tahini's blended into the buttercream.

A wheat-free cake made with soaked-then-blended red lentils.

The pomegranate molasses adds a fruity tang to this buttery cake.

The strawberries get macerated in balsamic vinegar and honey before they're spooned over the cake batter.

With tomato marmalade AND tomato cream cheese frosting. (And you don't need fresh tomatoes to make it.)

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