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Get a Little Thanksgiving Peace of Mind, Straight to Your Inbox

November  1, 2016

You've got an encyclopedia-sized mental list of boxes to check before Thanksgiving—table linens, wine, kids' table, guest list, toilet paper, ...turkey? turkey!—all fluttering about in circles around your head like little angels (...or demons).

Since it's understandable to lose track of the details when you're concerned about a very big bird, or a very ornery uncle, we're keeping a list (or eight) for you: From tomorrow 'til Thanksgiving Eve, we'll send you twice-a-week checklists and forget-me-nots so that you can stay on top of planning while also staying serene (ish!).

Sign up herehere! here! here!—and the first email will fly on over to your inbox tomorrow. Let the countdown begin.

Here's a little preview. Sign up! Photo by Bobbi Lin

And to get started on the Thanksgiving meal, we've got some tools for you. On your marks... get set... go!

Your Everything Guide to Thanksgiving
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Your Everything Guide to Thanksgiving

Top-notch recipes, expert tips, and more—it's all right this way.

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Anneliese D. November 13, 2016
Bobbi Lin, where can I get some of those adorable cat-thought-bubble notes?
AntoniaJames November 3, 2016
Too funny! Bright minds evidently do think alike. I posted last week this "Recipe for Peace of Mind Thanksgiving Week."
I offer this comment in the spirit of helpfulness and respect, as a constructive contribution, to share with the users here something that has worked well for me over the years. ;o)