10 of Our Favorite Posts That You Might Have Missed

December 28, 2016

We all have moments where we are absolutely certain that we just nailed it.

Whether it's working an especially witty line into a conversation, finalizing an airtight closing argument for your case, or publishing a post you've poured your heart into, everyone is familiar with the feeling of anticipating a big win only to be surprised when it isn't.

We're giving these 10 posts another chance at the spotlight because they're some of our favorites from this year, and we're worried you might have missed them the first time around:

Sam was positive this would be a huge end of summer hit, saying: "I don't think people can comprehend how incredible this blueberry pie is unless they've eaten it."

Tucked away in the back of Cal Peternell's book, A Recipe for Cooking, is a hidden gem of a recipe—Fresh Turmeric Salsa. The color alone will brighten up the dreariest of winter days and the taste will liven up a variety of dishes: Eat it on toast with goat cheese, as Cal was introduced to it, or stirred into rice and roast vegetables, as a salad dressing, over fish, and so forth, as Ali did.

Amanda might have declared this a "depressing exercise," but she still managed to share two underrated works. Of the first (above left), she was "really stoked" about the photographs and the concept in general and of the second (above right), she notes that it was a fun guide for her to put together, but also to shop from if you're a food person looking for new art (and aren't we all?).

This post did get a lot of attention, but as Kristen explains, it got "all the wrong kind of attention, and I blame my very inflammatory headline. Commenters were miffed for the following reasons (at least): It's not pizza. It's pizza, but it's not genius. It's pizza, but it's not "on its head." Forget the headline—it's just really good!"

Sarah humbly tucked these two gems in amongst recommendations for others' underrated efforts, saying she felt silly suggesting her own stuff. In both cases, the headlines sell the posts (even if she isn't tooting her own horn): we need to know 48 (forty-eight!) of Ina Garten's best tips and what happens when peanut butter goes in bread.

Mayukh is stretching a little bit with this selection, after all, his piece on Madhur Jaffrey did land him on at least one list for Best Food Writers of 2016. But he still wishes it got more attention, and deservedly so—if you haven't already, please dive in.

As for me (Lindsay-Jean), I subscribe to Entertainment Weekly, and always enjoy the section in which they offer suggestions for new songs and artists based on what currently popular ones you enjoy, in a "Like this? Try that" manner. So earlier this year, I tried to start a series of mini posts based on that format with food. One or two did okay, but on the whole, they bombed. I still maintain that it was a good idea (as is drawing food writing inspiration from an entertainment magazine in general).

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