Need a Weeknight Dinner or Weekend Project? Pasta's the Answer

January 31, 2017

Pasta is always the answer.

These regional specialties will take you from Liguria to Sicily. They'll solve pretty much any pasta situation you may have, from a weekend project like making pasta from scratch (don't have a pasta machine? There are hand-cut options, too) to dinner in under 15 minutes. Maybe you have nothing in the fridge or are in need of a comforting dish to shoo away the winter blues? Or you need a make-ahead dinner party dish or a last-minute lunch? Here are 14 pastas that are here for you.

Tell us: What's your favorite pasta dish? (What a tough question, we know!)

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Emiko, a.k.a. Emiko Davies, is a food writer and cookbook author living in Tuscany, where she writes about (and eats!) regional Italian foods. You can read more of her writing on her blog.

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