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The Tangy, 3-Ingredient Condiment You Can Use at Every Meal

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The problem with condiments is they last forever. The half-used bottles of ketchup, Dijon, salsa, and pomegranate molasses keep each other company, forlorn in the back of the fridge

Now, for most problems there are solutions. This one is no different. Here's what you need to do: Make your own pomegranate molasses. This works for two reasons:

  1. It tastes better.
  2. If you spend the time to make your own pomegranate molasses, you (most likely) won't let it go to waste.

And if you still need more persuading that this molasses won't end up like the rest of the abandoned condiments, here are a week of dinners you can make with pomegranate molasses. Who knows, you might even want to make a double batch now.

Here's what to make:

  • Salad, but not just any salad. Toss cherry tomatoes with pomegranate molasses, oil, and salt and roast until just a little bursty. Add them to a salad with arugula, avocado, pepitas, and basil.

  • In a glaze. Whisk together pomegranate molasses, Dijon mustard, whiskey, black pepper, allspice, and salt. Use it as a glaze for smoked ham or roast chicken.

  • Amp up tofu. This recipe marinates tofu in pomegranate molasses. From there, you can cook the tofu in a skillet or bake in the oven (and toss with eggplant and beluga lentils like the recipe instructs).

  • Roasted vegetables. Toss cauliflower with olive oil, salt, and pomegranate molasses. Roast until golden. Pair with lamb meatballs and yogurt-tahini sauce (spiked with more pomegranate molasses!).

  • Another salad, kind of. Add pomegranate molasses to the dressing for any bean or grain. Then, toss in toasted nuts, chopped herbs, and/or crumbled feta or ricotta salata.

  • High steak(s). Marinate flank steak in a heady mixture of pomegranate molasses, anchovies, garlic, vinegar, and red wine. Broil. Top with pomegranate seeds for some pomegranate-on-pomegranate action.

  • Spread it on everything. Make muhammara. Spread and dollop onto everything and anything. Your sandwiches, Greek yogurt, and roasted veggies will thank you.

Bonus! Here's a pomegranate molasses-y dessert:

Have a favorite recipe with pomegranate molasses? Tell us in the comments!

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    Anne Marie
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I fall in love with every sandwich I ever meet.


AntoniaJames February 21, 2017
Go-to sauce for tossing with just cooked/roasted Brussels sprouts, roasted vegetables, or to glaze on salmon: pomegranate molasses + Dijon mustard + fish sauce (or soy sauce) with a tiny splash of lemon juice or cider vinegar -- or any other vinegar, for that matter. E.g., ;o)
Anne M. February 21, 2017
Just made the muhammara. Thanks for bringing back to the front. It tastes great but wondering about the texture. The recipe calls for 20ml of olive oil. That's 1.5 tablespoon. Do you think that's correct? My muhammara looks thicker than the photos. I know this was posted an eternity ago but thought I'd ask anyway. Thanks.
eatyourwords February 21, 2017
The first time I ever knowingly tasted pomegranate molasses was in this salad at Bobby Flay's Bar Americain restuarant several years ago. So delicious it sent me on a quest to find a bottle of pomegranate molasses! Love all your recipes using this amazing condiment.
foofaraw February 20, 2017
I have thought of making pomegranate molasses from Pom juice, but the problem is that Pom is made from diluting pomegranate concentrate. I am afraid that twice concentrating and diluting would make the taste far off. It is easier for me to find a middle eastern shop and buy pomegranate molasses with writing "not from concentrate" (=not from super concentrate then diluted to correct molasses thickness). Thoughts?
Author Comment
Riddley G. February 20, 2017
Hmm! That's a great question. And I'm very interested in the results myself. I think the stuff from concentrate might dull the final flavor of the pomegranate molasses. Instead, I'd opt to mail order pure juice like this
mela February 7, 2018
I tried making pom.molasses from Pom juice. It wasn't very good and I threw it out. Thanks for explaining the issue.
In Turkey last year I found several brands of the real thing. I've now located a middle eastern store in the US that sells it. It's likely to be one of the good brands as they're selling mainly to people who already know it. Plus they have other condiments we don't usually know: like grape molasses, 'uzum pekmez' in Turkish. It's wonderful used as a sweetener in baked goods, a couple of tablespoons at a time.
PhillipBrandon February 20, 2017
We use it to make pomegranate syrup for pancakes, but our favorite thing is to make fesenjan, a persian pomegranate walnut stew!