20 of Our Coziest, Couch-Appropriate Recipes

February 27, 2017

There are seasons for scurrying around from one activity to the next, and then there are seasons for settling on the couch, getting hygge. No matter how grand our ambitions—scrub the floor, check out a new restaurant, "jog" in the park—we know where our true desires lie: on the sofa. Among the blankets and, in my house, the stuffed animals.

When you can't be convinced to sit upright or pull yourself away from Netflix, these foods will accommodate your laziness coziness. Most are "bowl foods," but not of the perfectly arranged and probiotic variety—more in the stewy, spoonable sense. Best eaten with your feet tucked under your legs and a warm blanket across your lap.



What do you make for your coziest night in? Tell us in the comments below.

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1 Comment

BerryBaby March 4, 2017
Those all sound delicious! A family favorite of ours is pretty basic my Jazzed Up Ham and Eggs. Eggs , onion, green peppers. I have the recipe posted on Food52.