Our Next Contests (Plus Fame & Prizes!) Are in Your Future

April 24, 2017

The best kinds of recipes teach us how to be smarter—and therefore better and happier—cooks: They rethink conventional methodology and make our lives a little breezier (or tastier) along the way. For instance, roast your pasta for a pleasantly nutty canvas, stockpile cooked rice in your freezer for super-quick congee, or use sweet potatoes for frosting that's as creamy as the canned stuff. Heck, we have a whole column and book devoted to the topic.

So spill the beans: What are the unexpected, novel ways you cook? What's your best recipe with a smarty pants trick or technique?

Head to the contest page...

to enter your recipes for a chance to win $500 to our Shop and the suite of all six Food52 books. For each recipe, please mention what's so whiz-bang smart about it in the headnote. Good luck, and happy cooking!

A Heads Up About This Year's Contests

We wanted to give you ample time to get your best recipes ready for kicking butt in our contests, so we're posting the lineup of themes here. Once submissions are open for the contests (which will happen at the very end of the previous month), you'll have two weeks to submit your recipes. Until then, tinker till they're exceptional, then upload them to the site so they're ready to rumble.

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We'll be running contests quarterly this year to give you more time to develop and test recipes and us more time to feature them on the site:

April: Your Best Recipe with a Smarty Pants Trick or Technique

July: Your Best Recipe Inspired By Somewhere You Traveled

October: What You Cook When You Don't Feel Like Cooking

New to our contests? Head here to learn a little more about them!

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Lindsay-Jean H. October 25, 2017
Hi all, I’m reviving this thread with an update! In the coming days, you may notice we’ll be temporarily taking down contests from the site’s main navigation bar. This is happening to make space for all of our Thanksgiving and holiday goings-on —but don’t worry, the contests will be back! They’re an important part of Food52’s history, and they’ll continue to be an important part of our future—so they’ll be returning in a smarter, easier-to-understand format in 2018. Stay tuned for more on that: We’ll be back with the details in January, and we thank you for your patience.
Ashley B. September 5, 2017
I only just joined this site and I'm confused... has the July contest already happened? I would think there would be at least a link to the specific contest page if not an announcement of the winners by now. I would love to enter if it hasn't ended.
Lindsay-Jean H. September 22, 2017
Hi Ashley, welcome to the site! Apologies for the confusion, the July contest was canceled and we're currently working on a new plan for contests. Please stay tuned and I apologize for any disappointment.
Peppa August 25, 2017
Why don't you put the dates of the contests in the list? I like your website, but it is confusing and difficult to navigate.
OhCuriousRose July 24, 2017
When is the July contest opening??
Contester May 1, 2017
Does this contest end at 6pm Tuesday 5/2/17 or 5/9/17? In refreshing the contest page this morning, it's told me it end at several other times, like noon on 5/3 and 8pm 5/4.