Grab a Loaf of Bread & Eat It Fast! Passover's Nearly Here

April 10, 2017

In the days immediately preceding Passover, I eat a diet solely of leavened breads in anticipation of all that I will not eat during the holiday. And in the days immediately following, I eat a diet solely of leavened breads in reflection of all those I missed out on. (And somehow it all evens out?)

But during the eight days between the start of the first seder and the first post-Pesach doughnut, I try to forget the giddying smell of yeast, take pleasure in the familiarity of matzo brei, and dream up wilder variations on matzo pizza.

In that spirit, we tried to give you Passover articles and recipes that would not only distract you from the holiday's restrictions, but also inspire you to cook new dishes (and dive into Jewish culinary traditions) even if you don't observe. Here's what was fresh to the site this year:

And some oldies but goodies we just couldn't resist including:

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