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Celebrate Small Victories in the Kitchen with Our Cookbook Club

May  5, 2017

All throughout May, our Cookbook Club will be baking our way through Julia Turshen's Small Victories and we want you to join us. Read on for details on how to participate and get started (even if you don't have the book yet!), and check out a few photos from community members who have already been busy in the kitchen.

Smokey Eggplant Dip with Yogurt & Za'atar from #smallvictoriescookbook. #food52cookbookclub #food52

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How to participate

Here's a quick primer on how to join in the fun:

1) Get the Book

Pick up a copy of Julia Turshen's Small Victories online or pay a visit to your favorite local bookstore. Or, if you’re not ready to commit quite yet, check it out of your local library or borrow a copy from a friend.

2) Read & Cook

Rather self-explanatory, as this is one of the most important parts of participating in a cookbook club, right? If you’re not sure where to begin, take a page out of our Books Editor Ali Slagle's playbook. When she reviews a cookbook, she reads through the entire introduction as well as 15 headnotes and recipes, and then cooks at least three recipes.

3) Share Your Opinions

Join the Cookbook Club Facebook group here—we chat there all month long! Get in on the action by posting pictures of what you make and share reviews—fill everyone in on what you thought of the dish (remember to share the recipe name and even the page number, too, if possible). Plus, you can also share on social media: Post mini-reviews, photos, or tricks you pick up from the book by tagging content on Instagram with #f52cookbookclub—your photo might get featured in a post like this one!

Get Started

Not to worry if you don't have a copy of Small Victories yet. We have enough Julia Turshen content to keep you busy until it arrives:

There's only one thing left to decide: What will you make first?

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    Joy Huang | The Cooking of Joy
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    Lindsay-Jean Hard
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Joy H. May 5, 2017
I couldn't help but notice that the 2 Instagrams you posted here both used the #food52cookbookclub hashtag instead of the recommended #f52cookbookclub hashtag. Is it kind of an either/or thing now? Or are we switching over? (I only noticed because I was looking for these two beautiful posts on Instagram and couldn't find them at first....)
Lindsay-Jean H. May 5, 2017
Nope, it's #f52cookbookclub! (That's why I revived an older post reminding people yesterday.) There just weren't many posts under the correct hashtag, but I knew people had posted more, so I went on a hunt for likely alternatives.