Julia Turshen is Ready to Feed the Resistance With Bread Pudding

October  3, 2017

This post originally ran in July, but we're rerunning it today in celebration of Feed the Resistance: Recipes + Ideas for Getting Involved officially hitting shelves!

Like millions of people across the country, I picked up a sign and marched for women’s rights in January. About three hours in, I had more than an activist fire in my belly. Whether you’re marching, letter-writing, or coordinating a fundraiser, fighting for what you believe in can work up an appetite.

Celebrated writer and cookbook writer Julia Turshen knows that supporting communities and causes often begins around the table. Her newest cookbook Feed The Resistance (released today!) guides activist cooks through delicious, economical recipes as well as ideas for supporting causes in the worlds of food, politics, race relations, and other social issues. Plus, proceeds from the book's sale go to the American Civil Liberties Union.

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Combining food and activism comes naturally to Julia. Every Thursday morning, she and her wife, Grace, wake up before the sun comes out and drive half an hour to a church they are not members of. They roll up their sleeves in the church’s kitchen with four other people to cook and package a meal for sixty homebound people in the community.

Bread pudding is the perfect bridge-building catalyst. Photo by James Ransom

“I have never been a morning person, but I’ve come to look forward to Thursday mornings more than any other day of the week,” Julia writes. “I love this group of people and the food we make, and it means so much to have a tangible way to give back to our community.”

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Top Comment:
“You should be ashamed to post an article like this. "The Resistance"? Really? Keep going this way and wind up in the has-been pile like Delish.”
— I U.

Julia shared the recipe for the bread pudding she and the other church volunteers often make. It’s made of low-cost ingredients, and is the best way to stretch a ton of leftover bread into something really delicious. This recipe serves 20, but we hope you need to double, triple, or quadruple it as your community grows.

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Chocolate B. June 25, 2017
Lovely! I'm looking forward to the cookbook.
mcs3000 June 24, 2017
SO looking forward to this. BIG congrats, Julia!
I U. June 23, 2017
You should be ashamed to post an article like this. "The Resistance"? Really? Keep going this way and wind up in the has-been pile like Delish.
Carolyn K. June 25, 2017
I so agree with you.
bready89 June 26, 2017
Ashamed for helping others? Sounds like you both need some help 🙄🙄🙄
Marji October 3, 2017
You need help if you are thinking "Feed the Resistance" is just about helping and feeding others. That is obviously a clear reference to a political viewpoint. Now we need cookbooks to chip in on something everyone is just so sick of?
KL October 6, 2017
I think bready89 probably understands exactly what "Feed the Resistance" means, and is all for it--as am I, and many others. You are perfectly free to not buy the cookbook. Don't worry about Food52. However many readers they may lose by publishing such pieces and speaking out, they are likely to gain many more.
Marji October 6, 2017
I realize I am free to not buy the cookbook; I assume I am also free to express my opinion regarding a preference of not including politics in cookbooks. And, did I say somewhere that I was "worried" about Food52?
KL October 6, 2017
Oh, yes, you're absolutely free to express your opinion, as are we all. (It was the original commenter who seemed to think this piece would hurt Food52.)
Shwillary March 30, 2020
bye boomer 👋🏼
Alexandra S. June 23, 2017
Amazing. Love this. Go Julia!
Christine June 23, 2017
Yay Julia! Can't wait to buy a copy of this.