Classic or Crazy, the Caprese Salad is Peak Summer

August  8, 2017

Maybe it’s the weighty, perfectly ripe tomatoes. Or possibly the combination of cool, creamy mozzarella with sharp, peppery basil. It could simply be the fact that it doesn’t require a stove or oven. Whatever the reason, caprese salad is the summer salad.

It’s a simple antipasto, but with ample room for interpretation. Experiment with Roma, cherry, Golden Jubilee, or beefsteak tomatoes. Try infused olive oils or sprinkle fresh oregano instead of basil. If you really want to get crazy, substitute a different fruit or sample feta or halloumi cheese. It's a salad that embraces the spontaneity and simplicity of summer. In that same spirit, go ahead and try one of these 11 Caprese salad–inspired recipes. Or invent your own. Anything is possible in summer.

The Classic

Kinda Caprese

Summertime spontaneity

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