How to Enjoy Earl Grey, Every Which Way

September 22, 2017

While full-bodied black tea can be as bold (and overwhelming) as a cup of coffee, the citrusy flavor of Earl Grey is delicate and approachable. Made with cold-pressed essential oil from bergamot oranges, it has a bright taste that pairs just as well with a wedge of lemon or a splash of milk. Unsurprisingly, Earl Grey’s flexibility makes it wonderful base flavor for all sorts of sweet treats and sips. While the basic formula of adding hot water and 2 to 3 minutes of steep time transforms this kitchen pantry staple into a morning, afternoon, and before-bed lifesaver, Earl Grey can do so much more. Just see for yourself, below.

Transform your cuppa

Try these with the earl

What's your favorite tea variety? Do you use it outside of a teacup? Tell us more!

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