16 No-Fuss Batch Dinners To Freeze For Your Future Self

October 17, 2017

Conversations regarding our future selves tend to revolve around personal finances or physical and mental health. The concept is pretty simple: What is the most realistic future you can imagine for yourself? No winning the lottery, no magically "getting fit.” Just what you’ll be if you continue everything as you are now. If you don’t like the image, change it.

It’s a wonderfully helpful mindset when it comes to investment habits or workout routines, and, as I recently discovered, dinner planning. On slow, easy Sundays, I think of the tired, hungry Wednesday Katie. Or Tuesday coworker-drinks-but-no-food-plans Katie. Or, if I’m thinking about my way, way ahead future self, I realize how much she’ll want to eat chicken soup when sick. Making big batch dinners and freezing pre- or post-cooking isn’t just good planning. It’s an act of self-compassion. It’s doing a kind deed for the person you’ll be in two weeks or two months or a few days. So, take a moment plan ahead. Your future self will thank you.

How do you plan for your future self? Think they're hungry?

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greglum October 31, 2017
Hiya! A quick comment based on Richard's comment - it'd be nice if the article itself gave some pointers on when to freeze which kind of dish, just like what you replied to him. :)
Author Comment
Katie M. November 1, 2017
Hi Greg :) Thanks for the feedback! I'll definitely keep that in mind when I'm writing these types of posts in the future, and hope to circle back and update this one when I have a second!
Richard October 17, 2017
At what point do I freeze? Before or after cooking? How to reward?
Author Comment
Katie M. October 17, 2017
Hi Richard! Depends on which dish—did you have one in mind?
Richard October 17, 2017
A few<br />Chicken tikka masala,<br />Chicken tamale pie,<br />Pastisis,<br />Shepherd pie w/sweet potatoes,<br />Mustardy Mac& cheese<br />Thanking you in advance for your assistance
Author Comment
Katie M. October 18, 2017
No problem!<br />Chicken tikka masala: freeze after cooking, but decrease or omit the cream so it won't affect the texture. You might also want to add a bit of freshly toasted garam masala and more fresh cilantro.<br />Chicken tamale pie: freeze leftovers<br />Pastitsio: freeze pre-bake<br />Shepherd pie w/sweet potatoes: freeze pre-bake<br />Mustardy Mac & cheese: freeze leftovers<br />Hope this helps!