16 Hearty Farro Recipes to Fall Back On

November  3, 2017

In the grain world, farro is located squarely in the middle of the "perceived health" spectrum, somewhere between the virtuousness of quinoa and the comfort of semolina pasta. It's nutty and filling and easy (and quick!) to prepare, ready to fill out salads and turn roasted vegetables into square meals. It keeps its al dente bite for days after cooking, even after it's been tossed with nutty tahini dressings or hunks of feta, making it perfect for grain bowls, gratins, and next-day lunches.

If you're unsure of how to use this versatile grain, we have you covered: Farro is here to fuel your fall with these 16 recipes, from not-sad leftovers to last-minute dinners.

Bulk Up Your Salad

Risotto Refresh

Build Hearty Bowls

What's your favorite way to eat farro? Sound off below!

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