Blue Cheese

A Balsamic Chicken Sandwich with A Sweet Secret

November  2, 2017

From stocking up on stuffing, freezing pies, and ordering the turkey, we’re in full-on Thanksgiving preparation mode at Food52. But one of my favorite things about the food-centered holiday is the leftovers. Specifically, I love the sweet, savory combination of turkey, cranberry, and sweet potatoes sandwiched between squishy rolls.

Unfortunately, Thanksgiving leftover sandwiches only come… after Thanksgiving. But community member Amber Kercmar (Loves Food Loves to Eat) has a sandwich to satiate my cravings pre-Turkey day: replace turkey with chicken and cranberry sauce with sweet caramelized onions and figs. The perfect fall sandwich is born.

Hello, beautiful. Photo by Julia Gartland

“One of my favorite sandwiches is based on the Chicken Charlie—a grilled chicken and pear sandwich—that a cafe in my hometown served when I was younger,” she writes. “My version of the Chicken Charlie has balsamic grilled chicken, caramelized onions, fruity-nutty blue cheese spread, and sautéed figs on chewy ciabatta bread.”

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For a chewier texture, try dried figs, or add extra blue cheese to the spread for a funkier flavor. And later this month if you're looking for new ways to use up leftovers, I have a feeling it'd taste fantastic with turkey, too.

Let us know your seasonal-cravings in the comments below!

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