25 Festive Touches That Will Bring a Smile to Your Face

November 10, 2017

Decking the halls with boughs of holly? We're on it. But there are so many other ways to decorate for the holidays, and we're excited about all of them. From hanging stockings on the mantel to ringing our doors with wreaths to stringing up cozy lights... we could go on and on. And considering how many beautiful, festive, and unique holiday decorations are in our Shop, we think we will. To get you inspired for holiday decorating, here are some of our favorite things to bring the spirit of the season into the home.


Clear off the mantel and make room for these garlands. Handmade from natural and unusual greenery, they make a dramatic holiday mantelscape (especially with the addition of some pillar candles)—or use them as runners for your holiday table, or even as festive wall hangings.



Beautiful ornaments make a tree sing. But we also like to hang them from wreaths, mantels... even an empty coat rack gets a holiday upgrade with the addition of ornaments. Here are some of our favorites (those piggies!):


There's a special glow that feels essential to any holiday season home, and though we'd love to have a roaring fireplace for that exact purpose, well, not all of us are so lucky. No matter: These LED lights will give your home that wintry glow, from tree to mantel to branches that act like chandeliers.


We're fairly obsessed with these handcrafted wreaths, which are made from herbs, fruit, and flowers. They're understated and elegant, rustic and refined, long-lasting and sweet-smelling—and they look just as good on a door as they do on a wall or as a tabletop decoration.


Is there any smell more wonderful than a fresh pine tree? And is there anything more annoying than all those little pine needles all over the floor? Dress your tree in a skirt and never worry about finding a pine needle in your sock again.

Tree Toppers

This year, we're really feeling the minimalist tree topper. That's why we have two exclusive handmade wire tree toppers in our Shop. Oversized and understated, they're the cherry on top of your masterpiece of a Christmas tree.

What are your favorite ways to decorate your home for the holidays? Let us know in the comments!

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BerryBaby November 11, 2017
I bring the outdoors in! Head out to the backyard with a good clippers and start selecting my evergreens for the table and around the house. When we did the landscaping I chose shrubs that I would be able to use for more than just outside beauty. It's so fun to go out there it's like a smorgasbord of greenery.